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Ultraviolet Figure

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6th • May • 2007 | 05:28 pm
posted by: evywp in horrorclix

Since "The lab" came out with "Valery Elle" I always thought it was UltraViolet and I call her that since day one. The other day, watching the guys paint there little armies, I asked a friend to paint her hair black and add sunglasses. he did and on top of that he retouched the gun to where now is black with silver trims, and the scope has detail. He also added lips (color violet of course) to the model.

here are the pics. (For bigger photo, right click and view image. The details will be visible better at bigger size.)

UltraViolet - front

So..what do you think?

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Comments {2}

High priest of the church of you know who

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from: 6alpha6omega6
date: 7th • May • 2007 12:39 am (UTC)

thats awesome looking

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Frankie Benjamin

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from: frankie23
date: 7th • May • 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)

Pretty spiffy. Always nice to see a kickass Horrorclix mod. :)

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