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The HorrorClix Community
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News and discussion about the HorrorClix supernatural miniatures game by WizKids

horrorclix is the LiveJournal community for discussing HorrorClix, a collectible miniatures game produced by WizKids Games. HorrorClix allows you to choose characters from horror films and fiction and play scenario- and story-based games. HorrorClix has potentially hundreds of tailor-made supernatural powers and abilities based on a each character’s combat dial and accompanying character card, which features fiction and detailed explanations of that character’s unique capabilities.

HorrorClix was released in August (read the press release) and sold out around the world; it is going into a second production run. The first expansion, The Lab, will be released in January 2007 (read the press release).

The complete HorrorClix rulebook is available as a PDF. The August 2006 HorrorClix FAQ is available here. Check the official website for other HorrorClix downloads.

LiveJournal Etiquette

  • Please put lengthy entries or those with images behind an LJ cut.
  • Please try to use a Subject line for every entry that you post. This makes it easier for people to find interesting entries in the community archives.
  • Posting links to figure auctions is currently permitted, but don’t go crazy linking every single auction you have going. This isn’t a trading forum, and most of us know how to search eBay.
  • As always, keep it friendly! This is an open community (people can join or leave at any time), and entries aren’t moderated. This works because everybody is respectful and knows how to play nice.   :)